Creating a web design from scratch takes skill and time, but converting it into a fully responsive website takes more skill and time. To make custom web designs, you can use tools such as Figma - a collaborative design tool with features for users to create both interactive and functional prototypes. WordPress, on the other hand, is the leading tool for website development. It is a Content Manage System or CMS that makes the design to website conversion process more manageable.

Have the best service providers convert your Figma designs to WordPress. These service providers have all the necessary tools, skills, and experience to bring your website designs to life.

This article will introduce you to some of the best Figma to WordPress service providers in the market today. We hope that it will give you an idea of who will be best to hire for your website projects.

5 Best Figma to WordPress Services

1. Fantastech Solutions

Fantastech boasts a 100% satisfaction guaranteed rating from their more than 650 satisfied clients worldwide. With over 8 years of experience in the trade, you are assured that they are indeed one of the best in the market.

The first step in letting the Fantastech team convert your Figma designs to WordPress is by sending your Figma files or URL to them. They will assess the design and will send you a free quote right after. If the quote they sent you is agreeable to you, you can send your approval, and the team will begin the conversion process. They will send you constant demos for feedback at every stage of the project, so you are sure that they are coding high-quality codes that make up for a fully functioning, responsive, and fast loading WordPress site. Other than excellent quality, the Fantastech team offers you pricing within your budget while making sure to deliver the project on time.

There may be some time zone issues for clients based in the US or UK since Fantastetch is based in India. However, the team has already worked with various agencies worldwide. So for any issues regarding working hours, be assured that they can address them promptly.


Homepage / First Page: From $497

Inner Pages: From $197 per page


This US-based agency uses Advanced Custom Fields that enables users to easily add new content to the site. They are a flexible team that develops 300+ WordPress projects yearly. Their flexibility allows them to serve clients who, for instance, only have desktop designs ready. With their in-house designers, you will be provided with responsive websites fit for mobile and tablet formats.

The team also offers excellent quality assurance for your project. They have a designer that will check every code of the project to ensure that it coincides with every part of your design.


Proposals: $45 per hour

Maintenance: $55 per hour

Updates: $55 per hour

Design: $75 per hour

They also have retainer plans,

Quarterly: $450, for clients that need website maintenance and updates.

Annually: $4,000, for freelancers and agencies that require help for one or more projects.

Annual plus: $7,000, for agencies that need help for multiple projects.

Learn more about their retainer plans here.


Codeable is a platform solely for WordPress freelancers. This is a marketplace where users can find the best WordPress experts fit for their projects. Users are also given a free estimate, and they are under no obligation to hire freelancers unless they want to. Codeable also boasts a 100% risk-free transaction for its customers.

Codeable is indeed unlike standard service providers like the two previously mentioned agencies. Although we can compare Codeable with Upwork, as mentioned, this marketplace only has WordPress developers that are carefully vetted for you. That means that when using to find freelancers for your projects, you are sure that you will find the best experts in the field.

Here is how it works:

A. Brief. In this step, you will describe what your project is all about. The requirements, specifics, and more. It's important to note here that codeable does not only cater to full WordPress development but also small fixes and maintenance.

B. Connect. Next, the codeable team will connect you to the right developers for your project. After successfully connecting with a few developers you are introduced to, you are given a chance to chat with them so you can completely define your project.

C. Collaborate. Collaboration will start when you agree to the quote and choose your preferred developer. One of the highlights of codeable is its a single-price algorithm that eliminates undercutting and overpricing quotes. It also has an escrow system that ensures fast and secure payment.


Codeable presents an hourly rate of $70 to $120 for your project estimate. This is based on the complexity, urgency, and total scope of the project. There will also be an additional 17.5% fixed service fee covering their 24/7 customer service, platform management, and the expert vetting and training of their freelancers.

Check out their pricing guide with convenient filters here.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is another market place where you can find WordPress developers for your project. Since it is a platform with freelancers who offer different tech services from design to development and even writing, we can compare Fiverr with Upwork. They also offer Fiverr Business that will connect you to freelancers with proven business experience.

Fiverr is like a simple e-commerce platform but with talents as the products. Finding a WordPress developer for your Figma designs is easy. Simply go straight to their search bar and typing what you need. For instance, "WordPress developer." Search results will be displayed, and if you are on a tight budget or are looking for something specific, you can also use their filters. When you find your ideal freelancer, check out their fixed pricing rates on their pages, and compare their packages. If you have any special requirements for the project, you can also request to get a quote. When you agree to their quote or their fixed pricing rates, click order now, and you are good to go. 


As mentioned above, each freelancer has its own fixed pricing rates seen on their pages. You may compare them using the "compare packages" feature, or you can also request to get a quote.


IMADO is a fairly new service provider in the market. Although they have been serving clients for over 4 years, they have already completed 70+ WordPress projects. When visiting their website, you may notice some very cool features that you may want to include in your own.

IMADO also uses Advanced Custom Field just like but with the addition of Custom Post Types in building the website. This allows you to manage the website from the administration panel easily. For custom features and animations for your WordPress project, rest assured that they have experts to cater to that need. Refer to their website to see samples of their custom features and cool animations.


IMADO does not offer any fixed pricing rates, so please refer here to get a free quote.


WordPress is a CMS software that has attracted the global market. That's why, for Figma to WordPress conversion tasks, be confident that you'll find thousands of developers ready to support you. 

Still, choosing the right service provider can be a daunting task. That's why we've built this list to help you narrow down your Figmat to WordPress Service Provider choices. With the top five mentioned above, we hope you'll select the one that works for you that delivers excellent results. 

Is this guide helpful in navigating your way through the daunting task of web design to web development? Please let us know in the comments section below. And if you have any questions, we'll be sure to answer them as best we can.