Welcome to FigmaToWP.co and thanks for checking out our About page. We are a team of freelance web designers and developers who specialize in building websites WordPress CMS.

We have extensive experience in building all kinds of websites, themes and plugins for our clients in WordPress since 2010 and we've been working with the platform since it's very early days!

Regarding this website, we built the site for our clients with one simple goal and that was to educate them on how to convert their website designs in Figma to WordPress with simple yet comprehensive tutorial.


You were probably referred to this site by once of us because your project might not worked worked out because of budget or some other reason.

We want to provide as much value as we can with hope you might come back to us so we created this DIY guide for you so that that you can actually understand and go through the process of Figma to WordPress yourself.

Or else we've even shared other cheaper service provider alternatives that you can choose from.

We hope that you'll like the free stuff and at the end if DIY does not work for your or the services we suggested can not live upto your expectations, you know whom to turn back to.